Professional field sewage lifting device

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Sewage lifting pump station is a kind of large sewage lifting device, sewage treatment capacity is much larger than the sewage elevator, used to lift and transport lower than the sewer or far away from the municipal pipe network waste sewage, to solve the problem of waste sewage can not rely on gravity directly discharged, is the current low cost, safe, reliable and ecological compatible best sewage treatment program. Suitable for large residential, industrial and commercial areas.

Sewage lifting devices are used in large residential and civil areas. The waste water enters the collection tank through the entrance of the whole equipment, reaches the starting water level of the equipment, the equipment automatically starts, the sewage is lifted and discharged to the municipal pipe network, the sewage lifting device adopts a fully closed structure, there will be no odor leakage, the normal exhaust is discharged through the ventilation pipe, so that it will not affect people's living and living environment.